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"Nevertheless, healthy narcissism plays a crucial role in the human capacity to manage challenges, successes, and changes; to overcome defeats, illnesses, trauma, and losses; to love and be productive and creative; and to experience happiness, satisfaction, and acceptance of the course of one's life."  ...Elsa Ronningstam

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NARCiSSisTiC – In a world of consumers, over-diagnosed mental disorders, bureaucracy & given up liberties, materialism worshipping, greed & arrogant unacceptance, there is only one explanation to being different and that is being narcissistic. Somebody needs to step up and that somebody is YOU.

Stop pointing fingers, stop crying, stop acting by not acting, stop talking by not talking, stop playing the game.  Take responsibility & take actions, you are responsible for the change you are looking for.

Setting the record straight on Narcissism & Narcissistic Personality Disorder

NARCiSSisTiC - Schizophrenia [Single]
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Project NARCiSSisTiC by BipolaredrosiD (Bipolar Disorder)

Sad songs, depressing songs, sad music, depressing music; maybe or maybe not - find the answer in NARCiSSisTiC. You’re not your job, You’re not your house, You’re not your car, You’re not your fuckin’ bank account. STOP PLAYING THE GAME & take some responsibility. "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink."

BipolaredrosiD (Bipolar Disorder) & Bipolar Music Disorder

BipolaredrosiD (Bipolar Disorder) is a heavy metal band. It’s difficult to give any further style classification for the music, since different components & strictures seem to rapidly change, however some heavy metal elements seem to be consistent. BipolaredrosiD (Bipolar Disorder) was founded by K.Kuroyan in 2007, heavily influenced by absurd social norms & mental disorders. The founder classifies the music as Progressive/Metal/Alternative/Ambient/Industrial/Rap.

BipolaredrosiD (Bipolar Disorder) takes their name from bipolar disorder or manic–depressive disorder (also known as manic depression), which is a mood disorder defined by the presence of one or more episodes of abnormally elevated mood (referred as mania or hypomania, depending on how severe the condition is) and one or more depressive episodes. In some individuals, depression and mania may rapidly alternate, known as rapid cycling. Extreme manic episodes can sometimes lead to psychotic symptoms such as delusions and hallucinations. Musical mood changes in BipolaredrosiD’s writing seem to be similar to those with rapid cycling, while overall mood seems to be dark, the music alternates between melodic, sometimes even pop like lines & aggressive metal.

Complex time signatures, mixed & additive meters are being used extensively, it feels like bipolar music disorder. It’s a music of rhythm & beat, not so much melody.


In 1999 K.Kuroyan started his first project NBARTS while working at Alfa El Radio station as a recording engineer, this was a heavy rock/metal project, somewhat too complex, free form writing, almost no repetitions, what he calls himself “no verse, no chorus”. This project had been barely worked on due to unexpected life events. NBARTS’ music served as a base for BipolaredrosiD (Bipolar Disorder). Growing increasingly frustrated by social norms & mental disorders he formed BipolaredrosiD (Bipolar Disorder) in 2007, the music was trimmed down from the previous NBARTS project & odd meters became an undivided part of it, most of the singing transformed to speech, lyrical style changed from poetry with deeply hidden contest to straight forward “say what you think” almost street like rapping. BipolaredrosiD (Bipolar Disorder) was made with simplicity in mind, though it’s arguable how well the goal had been achieved.

BipolaredrosiD (Bipolar Disorder) – The Inconvenient Truth (2007-2008)
The inconvenient Truth was the first album of BipolaredrosiD (Bipolar Disorder). Major Depression was the theme of this album, very depressing music, very dark. One of the reasons the first few project were not released was the content of some songs which might trigger self harming behavior. The plan was to create a road to recovery with several albums, from the very dark to the light, however releasing the album itself would be out of contest & wouldn’t be interpreted right.

BipolaredrosiD (Bipolar Disorder) – Intimate (2008-2009)
Mixed Episodes was the theme of Intimate. Depiction of severe downs & ups implementing almost every possible way to make noise using an electric guitar.

BipolaredrosiD (Bipolar Disorder) – beatMania (2009)
Very short project, mostly dedicated to perfectionism. The music in beatMania is not so heavy compared to other albums, mostly light feel, with arpeggios more common to classical music.

BipolaredrosiD (Bipolar Disorder) – inDustrial Psychopath (2009-2010)
Release Date: March 24, 2010. inDustrial Psychopath was the first official release by BipolaredrosiD (Bipolar Disorder). inDustrial Psychopath refers to being unacceptable in current society, mocking the society, ridiculing social norms. A road to recovery by acceptance of current state of human evolution & moving on despite of disagreement. This musically & mentally paved the road for the next project Narcissistic, the music gradually became more aggressive by the end of the project.

BipolaredrosiD (Bipolar Disorder) - Narcissistic – They’re Trying to Kill Me [single] (2010)
Release Date: April 3, 2010. They’re Trying to Kill Me [single] was the first song of project Narcissistic. Narcissistic project is about dealing with mental issues by being ignorant. Self-righteous thinking, despise, anger & finally questioning of Narcissistic Personally Disorder with They’re Trying to Kill Me. Visit Narcissistic Personally Disorder for details.

BipolaredrosiD (Bipolar Disorder) - Narcissistic – Sick of All This Crap [single] (2010)
Release Date: July 16, 2010. Sick of All This Crap is the second single from project Narcissistic. It’s a semi-political song.

BipolaredrosiD (Bipolar Disorder) - Narcissistic – BRUTALITY [single] (2010)
Release Date: Sep 6, 2010. BRUTALITY - next single from project Narcissistic by Bipolar Disorder. "Tired of being tired".

BipolaredrosiD (Bipolar Disorder) - New Single from BipolaredrosiD, Narcissistic – Schizophrenia [single] (2010). Discover new music, new realizations, new attitude & understanding. Powering through a tunnel for a new level of self-awareness.
Release Date: Oct 19, 2010. Schizophrenia
Bipolar Music - Take Some Responsibility - Releases - inDustrial Psychopath - Biography/Info
Bipolar T-Shirts - About Bipolar Disorder - Share - Lyrics - Review BipolaredrosiD
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